With the ideal balance of caffeine and taurine, PreRace 2.0 lets you stay in the red longer and with less perceived effort.

The new formula also enhances ATP production and mobilizes fat for additional energy, conserving glycogen so you still have fuel in the tank when everyone else is empty.




Stimulating the Nitric Oxide (NO) system is clinically shown to increase blood flow, clear lactate, and deliver more oxygen to working muscles. 

With Nitrosigine®, a non-nitrate vasodilator, PreRace fires the afterburners without blowing up your heart rate, keeping your engine running hotter, longer, with less recovery time between demanding efforts



Nothing good happens at the back of the pack, but fighting to stay at the front can cost you everything. In those moments, the last thing you can afford to lose is focus.

PreRace’s blend of nootropics are mutually complementary, magnifying and extending focus and drive beyond just a 30-minute boost into multi-hour performance. Podium or pack fodder, reacting or taking control –the difference can be as simple as whether or not your head’s in the zone while your body’s in the red.

All the sacrifice and hard training you do means nothing if your focus and motivation slip at the wrong time. The completely redesigned PreRace formula improves alertness, increases motivation, and sharpens mental acuity. Don’t just react; take control.


PreRace’s curated suite of nootropics puts you in the zone, driving alert motivation without twitched-out jitters

It syncs body and mind to fire on all cylinders in decisive moments instead of self-sabotaging with indecision, because the pain of hitting your limit isn’t all mental, but the will to push through is.

"Took one use for us to become believers."


The theory behind PreRace is simple: combine a suite of active ingredients that, separately, improve physical and mental performance.

We figured the stimulating, motivating cognitive effects of nootropics like taurine, caffeine, and theobromine would work better if paired with improved cardiac functions and a non-nitrate vasodilator like Nitrosigine® – a formula unlike anything else available. It’s not that no one else is making a similar formula; no one else is even trying.


South Dakota State University conducted an independent study on the original PreRace formula to determine its effectiveness on cycling endurance.

The double-blind placebo controlled study used seven trained cyclists in a 40K time trial. Each cyclist performed two 40K time trials.

On the first TT the cyclist consumed either a placebo or PreRace mixed with one serving of EFS 30 minutes prior to doing a 40K TT.  One week later each cyclist would switch the protocol and receive the opposite of what he/she received the previous week.

Time trial was 3:17 faster than with the placeboWatts increased by 15Lactate threshold increased


PreRace 2.0 delivers one more new active: VitaCherry® Sport anthocyanins, a tart cherry extract that further increases pace relative to perceived exertion while shortening recovery time to maintain a higher level across multi-day events or peak training periods.

Did the original PreRace work? Yes. Did we need to improve it? No. Did that stop us? Absolutely not. There’s still nothing else like PreRace on the market, we just saw an opportunity to make it even better.




Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system (CNS), increases the release of adrenaline, increases the use of body fat as fuel and spares glycogen. Adrenaline release is accomplished through caffeine’s effect on epinephrine and nor-epinephrine. Many athletes seek this CNS excitatory response to increase alertness and to give them the extra ‘energy’ needed for their workouts. More importantly, caffeine mobilizes free fatty acids (FFA) in the blood. Increased FFA in the blood allows the body to use fat as a fuel source. The use of fat as fuel allows the body to spare glycogen (carbohydrates) for later use in exercise.


Through its cardio and oxidative protective roles, oral administration of taurine can improve exercise performance significantly. Furthermore, pre-exercise taurine administration can reduce muscle damage caused by endurance training. Researchers also theorize that it is through the cellular protective properties that taurine attenuates exercise-induced DNA damage and enhances the capacity of exercise.